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Richard Dale

Lincoln Solicitors Dale and Co. are dedicated to providing the very best service. We aim to understand what you want and to offer the most effective advice tailored to your needs - not ours.

Dale & Co Solicitors have served Lincolnshire and beyond since 1986; long enough to be trusted and valued, but new enough to be efficient and client-focussed. Walk into our offices to notice the difference; friendly, professional staff with practical legal help. Our dedicated legal teams offer advice regarding Family Law, Conveyancing (buying or selling your home); Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney.

Divorce Solicitors in Lincoln

Georgia Corby LL.B. (Hons)

Specialist Divorce Solicitor Georgia Corby and her team don't make a drama out of your Separation or Divorce - they just provide clear and calm advice.

Our divorce team is members of Resolution and focusses on the needs of you and your family. Roundtable meetings are a speciality of Family Law Solicitor Georgia Corby to provide the most cost-effective and stress-free procedure and fairest outcome. She has an enviable reputation for managing Divorce in as civilised and amicable way as possible.

You will receive the full support of our friendly, efficient and flexible at Dale & Co. Solicitors.

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Family Law | Children, Separation & Pre-Nuptials

Georgia Corby LL.B. (Hons)

Family Law at Dale & Co. Solicitors Lincoln offers expert advice after a relationship has broken down. You will be offered sensible options when clear thinking is needed. Solicitor Georgia Corby has a reputation for calmness and compassion combined with firmness. She is a member of Resolution.

Our specialist Divorce Lawyers are experienced in dealing with Children's matters, Divorce, Civil Partnership and Finance arrangements - including complex financial matters, pensions and mortgages.

Call in for our free "Divorce and Separation" booklet.

Or ring us to arrange a free first appointment to find out where you stand.

You will receive the full support of our efficient and flexible Family Law team.

Last year 100% of our Family Law clients, who returned our client Questionnaires, said that they would recommend us.

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Recommended  - good service .

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An excellent service I would recommend .

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Conveyancing Solicitors | Home Buying and Selling

Nicola Welbourn BA Hons

Conveyancing Home Buying and Selling - the team at Dale & Co. Solicitors Lincoln ensure that your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible. You will know the person working on your matter and they will know you by name, too.

Local knowledge and professional pride offer you confidence and reassurance. Joint tenancies, Legal Charges, Declarations of Trust and Private Mortgages are some of the options that can allow flexible and safe Home Ownership.

Our Advice is Independent and in your interests.

If you need assistance with mortgages or other support you will be given referrals which are independent.

Help and Advice are available regarding Equity Release, Buying at Auction and Modern Auctions.

Buying and Selling property : Conveyancing Department

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An excellent service received . Everything was simply spot on.

Customer review for Dale & Co. Solicitors Conveyancing Dept.

Effortless sale - thanks for your help Nicola

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Business Solicitors | Disputes | Debt Collection

Nicola Welbourn BA Hons

At Dale & Co. Commercial Solicitors we offer legal services for businesses. Protecting your business is our business so we go out of our way to build long-lasting relationships with owners. We belong to Lawyers for Your Business and will always suggest a practical and effective solution that is in your best interests - legal action is often the last resort.

Solicitor Richard Dale has a robust and straightforward attitude to business and the law. He is a confident negotiator and maintains a common sense overview. You can rely on the cost effective options. Call today to arrange a first no-obligation meeting.

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Latest Customer Reviews for Dale & Co. Business Law Department

An excellent service received . Everything was simply spot on.

Customer review for Dale & Co. Solicitors Conveyancing Dept.

Effortless sale - thanks for your help Nicola

Customer review for Dale & Co. Solicitors Conveyancing Dept.

Wills and Probate Solicitors, Powers of Attorney

Justine Hunt FCILEx Chartered Legal Executive

The Wills and Probate team at Dale & Co. is here to ensure that when you make a Will your wishes are understood, and family and friends are provided for as you intended. You will be guided on Inheritance Tax and Trusts so that your assets are maximised.

Wills are personal. You can take your time, by using our free "Planning Your Will" guide. We will ensure the Will is clear - saving your beneficiaries expense and effort.

Dale & Co. deals with Probate matters with care and compassion. We can guide you through the legal processes, dealing with taxes, official forms, banks and assets.

We deal with Probate matters for a Fixed Fee.

Call for a free appointment.

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Recommended - always kept informed, helpful staff. excellent.

Customer review for Dale & Co. Solicitors Wills and Probate Dept.

An excellent service - recommended

Customer review for Dale & Co. Solicitors Wills and Probate Dept.

Lincoln Solicitors Dale and Co. friendly, local, effective.

Richard Dale

Dale & Co. Solicitors were founded in 1986 in Lincoln City Centre offering sensible legal solutions. We have grown by responding to the needs of our clients with integrity and good manners. Dealing with the law can be daunting - we make every effort to ensure it is never a trial with us.

You need every confidence when you consider any legal process - to buy property, make a Will or Divorce. Call in and see us; meet someone from the team who will support you. Have a fresh coffee and help yourself to our free guides to understand more about our services. We are confident you will like us - we offer a  first consultation free.

You will know who is doing your work by name - and they will know you. Our aim is to build trust and loyalty with you.

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